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How do you know if you need our partnership? Clients tell us they use us for the following reasons:

1. Rapidly find answers from analytics.

2. Disciplined focus on the “vital few” behaviors.

3. Speak truth to power.

4. Develop capability

We develop and transfer culture engagement capability in the following ways:

Your sample profile

Your sample profile

How does your company compare to those firms in our global database? Is your firm on the leading edge of culture engagement? A fast follower? Or operating in default mode? We will soon be featuring two types of interactive surveys on this site. One is a “best practices” type survey based on our database of clients with superior performance and culture engagement scores. The second is a “next practice” survey which identifies trends and innovations in the discipline of culture engagement.

If you’d like to be notified when the first survey goes live please send us a request now at