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Culture Engagement

Think of three products that engage consumers worldwide: Chanel perfume, Harley-Davidson motorcycles, and almost anything Apple makes. These products work because they:

Now imagine an organization that engages people. What would it do to deliver superior performance? It would

How do you build an organizational culture that engages people to deliver this kind of performance? The answer is found by successfully answering these questions:

About Culture:

About Engagement:

Effective culture engagement depends on people feeling highly invested in performance outcomes. Can your organization “strongly agree” with following six tests of engagement?

Your sample profile

Your sample profile

How does your company compare to those firms in our global database? Is your firm on the leading edge of culture engagement? A fast follower? Or operating in default mode? We will soon be featuring two types of interactive surveys on this site. One is a “best practices” type survey based on our database of clients with superior performance and culture engagement scores. The second is a “next practice” survey which identifies trends and innovations in the discipline of culture engagement.

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