Gillson Partnership, LLC

Superior performance through culture engagement


The CEO’s Challenge

02:45 mins

Steve Johnson, CEO of ENW, needed to turnaround a legacy business by improving its culture. He faced enormous challenges in organizational structure, work inefficiencies, and customer service.

Leading Culture Engagement

02:07 mins

ENW tackled a multi-year challenge to go from last to first in efficiency, customer service, and innovation. Steve Johnson shares his insights on how developing a vital few behaviors in the management group created enormous culture change and business improvement.

The Full Story

20:43 mins

Gain a deeper understanding of the journey Steve Johnson and ENW undertook when confronting and engaging the company’s culture. Learn how a CEO can make a difference through personal leadership and “walking the walk.”

The Consultant’s Perspective

09:17 mins

Steve Glowinkowski, lead consultant to ENW, describes the critical success factors that led to such dramatic improvements at ENW.