Gillson Partnership, LLC

Superior performance through culture engagement

Why culture engagement?

For 30 years we've quietly helped clients create cultures that drive both strategy execution and people engagement. Now nearly everyone sees why this makes business sense.

Advances in analytics make poor culture engagement inexcusable. The right consultants with the right analytics rapidly pinpoint the actions that can improve performance through culture engagement.

Steve Johnson

The Power of Culture

Steve Johnson, CEO of Electricity NorthWest (ENW), took on an enormous business challenge that required changing the culture of the company in order to improve performance. He recently sat down with Eric Olson, CEO of GIllson Partnership, to describe the journey of culture engagement he led with strong help from Gillson co-founder Steve Glowinkowski.

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1. A $500 billion problem is a 'soft' issue. Really?

An organizational culture that fails to engage people or help execute strategy is a “soft” issue only to the lazy or uninformed. We provide clients with a “no excuses” plan to address the source of failed M&As, out of control costs, and stalled market growth. Hard fact: we also promise and deliver project ROI that makes the CFO our ally. Losing millions because of poor engagement? We get that. Imploding M&A deal due to culture clash? Been there, solved that. Our proprietary mix of business experience and behavior analytics give you much greater power to rapidly tackle the root causes of poor performance and find a predictive path to improvement.


2. Managing costs through culture engagement

The CEO of a global oil services company had a problem. His logistics team worked in geographic silos, and their lack of engagement with each other was costing the company millions. Interviews with Gillson consultants revealed organizational design elements in the culture that worked against a culture of collaboration. A weekend offsite with the global heads of logistics was tough, honest, and ultimately fair in revamping the business processes and behaviors that led to breakdowns. This single offsite led to $17million being added to the bottom line.


3. M&A through culture engagement

Two aerospace companies thought they were a match made in heaven when they first considered merging. The products from one company complemented the products and services of the other. All looked great until a Gillson assessment of their respective cultures revealed significant differences in how each firm engaged with customers. The issue threatened to unravel a multi-billion dollar M&A transaction. The two executive teams came together, and using the Gillson culture engagement framework found a "third way" to approach customers that built on the strengths of each firm. The senior teams observed that not only had they "walked away from the cliff" of a failed M&A, but they had unlocked a new approach to market growth worth millions.


4. Market growth through culture engagement

A global consumer goods company came to Gillson with a unique proposition. Help us grow market share in a dozen developing countries. Our analytics discovered the key behaviors of market leaders at different stages of market growth and showed how to achieve double digit ROIC while also growing sales above competitors’ rates. We developed a cascading approach to grow fully engaged leaders, and we transferred capability with every development project. Validation for this effort came from a leading analyst who changed his “hold” to a “buy” recommendation on the basis of the company “having cracked the code on developing market leaders.”